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We are Michelle and Di, the designers and florists of the Awaiting the Name Floral & Events Studio, two creative hearts seeking every beautiful moment in life and nature. Our design is bright, warm, serene, natural, and customized to reflect your personal story, style and vision.


We would love to get know you, to learn what makes you laugh, what makes your eyes light up, what reflects each of you, so that we could tailor those beautiful moments of life you get to enjoy and memorize.



& Wedding Planning

Our full-service wedding planning & event design package is suitable for the lovely couples who really click with our design style and are willing to trust us to execute their wedding vision from head to toe. We help you personalize your entire wedding experience from searching for vendors, to choosing your color palette, to sourcing stationery, linens, and rentals, to customizing wedding day timeline, and of course integrating thoughtfully designed flowers to create a cohesive and individualized day that speaks to your unique story. 


We will be with you till the very end of your wedding day, ensuring no details are left untouched and all the design visions are executed as planned. So that you can simply relax and enjoy your big day. 


We approach our flowers as an artful medium to tell your love story or to share your joy with the loved ones.


From our signature flower boxes or bouquets designed for lighting up a celebration in everyday life with your valentine, or bridal bouquets for city hall weddings, to full-scale flower installations for weddings and events, we love being the creators behind the scene, making these special moments in your life beautiful and unique.

Weddings and Celebrations

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